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As a child, Zoë became obsessed with stop-motion animation by watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and Wallace and Gromit on an alternating loop, wanting to live in those tactile worlds full of whimsy, textures, quirky characters, and offbeat humor. 

Alongside her best friend and collaborator Michelle Calderon she made the stop-motion short film, "Safe At Home." They have a number of upcoming stop motion projects under their shared production company Joechelle Films

"Safe at Home"

Short Film

trt: 03:43 min



Festival Selections

*Award Winner* 2022 Los Angeles Animation Festival

*Award Winner* Best Comedy 2022 Flanimation Film Festival

2022 Davinci International Film Festival "Ultra Short Films"

2022 Big Teeth Small Shorts Film Festival

 2023 Oregon Short Film Festival

2023 The Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival

2023 Palm Springs Animation Festival

A stop-motion dark comedy about two roommates being "safe at home" during the COVID pandemic. Made by Zoë DeLeon & Michelle Calderon.

What I did on this project: 

  • Directing

  • Co-writing

  • Animating

  • Puppet Design & Fabrication

  • Set Design 

  • Editing

  • Sound Design & Editing

  • Original Song "Pizza for Breakfast" 

Behind the Scenes!

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