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live action work

As a Writer/Director, Zoë has made many short films and one web series! Her work has been presented in museum galleries and festivals all over the world, including at the Gasparilla International Film Festival, the Bonita Springs Film Festival, The Female Eye Film Festival, Tampa Bay Comic Con, and many more! 


Her work is often under the banner of Antbear Productions, the film and theatre company she formed with her identical twin sister, Haley DeLeon, in 2011. As is typical with indie filmmaking, Zoë often wore many hats, including producer, editor, production designer, sound designer, actor, and composer. 

While a lot of her work dips into the horror, supernatural, and science fiction genres, there is always a darkly comedic edge, and complex relationships are at the core. 


Selections are included here, but complete works can be found on her Vimeo page, with a list of all live-action film projects below:

 "Girl Beast" (2019) 

"Tortoise and Hare" (2017) 

"Becky & Max" (2016) 

"Sleep Cure" (2015) 

"No, thank you." (2015) 

"Happiness Can Be Found" (2015) 

"Balloon Animals" (2014) 

"Guilt" (2013)

"Hubris" (2012)

"Girl Beast" (2019)

"Girl Beast" is a horror short film that premiered at the Lady Filmmakers Festival in Beverly Hills. Check out the trailer below! 

Writer/Director Reel

Check out this reel of Zoë's work from 2013-2018!

"Sleep Cure" (2016) 

"Sleep Cure" is a sci-fi thriller that premiered at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. At the Experimental Edge Film Festival, it won *Best Short Film,* at the Innovative Film Festival it won *Best Director,* *Best Actor,* and *Best Short Film,* at the Tampa Underground Film Festival it won *Best Short Film Screenplay,* and *Best Short Film.*

Behind the scenes! 

Check out some behind the scenes from over the years. 

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